Monday, May 27, 2013

Poppa's Belated Birthday

Since Poppa's birthday is when they is still in Florida, we decided to have a belated celebration for him.

 Poppa thought the cake was just for him!
 So sweet.....

Messy Lunch = Bath Time

Some lunches are messier than others!  (Do you love how he set the snacks over on the table?  He's so funny!  I guess he was done.  :) )

 He gets so excited about bath time!

 This is his cute new smile!  When he gets super excited, he scrunches up his nose.  It's just darling!
 SOOOOOOO happy!

Getting Ready for his Birthday!

Griffin was a great helper as we got the treat bags ready for his upcoming Scooby-Doo birthday party!  

Sweet Griffin

Griffin drew this cute little photo of us holding hands.  :)

Fun with Food

Preston loves dinner time!  Here he is feeding Daddy....

We gave him some tastes of watermelon, he made quite the face!  He had much more fun just playing with it!

Rainy Spring

Here he goes again!  He's been so happy that we haven't planted a garden, the "garden" is now his personal mud pit.  

 Mom and I did a lot of planting!  It was nice to get the outdoors prepped for summer.
Griffin attached two hoses and was able to reach the swing set, he was thrilled that he could make his own water slide. :)

Mom and I got a little dirty, but nothing compared to Griffin!

Great Grandma's 89th Birthday!

We had a great time visiting my Grandma to help her celebrate her 89th birthday.  The boys brought her SO MUCH JOY!  We ran a few errands, but had the most fun staying home visiting and playing.  When she went to the bathroom, we quickly decorated the kitchen for her birthday, then Griffin told us all to hide so we could surprise her!  She loved it! 

 Preston thought hiding was funny.  :)
A funny thing happened--the power went out--EVERYWHERE!  Since the whole town was out of power, Grandma got out her kerosene lanterns.  Griffin was really impressed with them!
 The whole crew!  Grandma is so sweet, she picked up one of Griffin's favorites for him--chicken legs!

 Nonna in the kerosene light!
 I thought this series of photos was darling!  Talk about love......


Preston has been trying to pull himself up on things, he doesn't get all the way up yet, but is making progress. When we stand him up, he is SO proud!  

Enjoying the Spring Weather!

Spring = mud for Griffin.  On this Wednesday, he woke up, ate and ran outside as quickly as he could.  He opened the door and asked if I could put on Buddy's mud suit and rain boots and bring him outside.  Interesting.  He came back wondering why we weren't outside yet and clarified that a "mud suit" was clothes that could protect him from the mud.  I kept Buddy as safe as I could in the swing and under the sun umbrella but he did manage to get a bit of mud on him from big brother's kisses and hugs.  I have a feeling that next year he will be right in the mud with his big brother.  Preston LOVED the swing and the breeze.  He was all smiles.  

Don't you just love how he kept on his socks!?!?!?