Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Great Road Trip!

Here are more photos from our trip to and from Colorado with Cory, Jenny, Chloe and Cooper...

Go carts at the KOA!

Griffin wanted Preston to watch him jump in the pool.  :)

 Check out the awesome rainbow!  It was so vivid in person.
 Cooper holding Preston.  He adored Preston!
 Chloe and Preston, she was such a good helper!!
 Saying goodbye to Chris.  He loaned us his car, so happily took one of his bikes to work.
 Griffin loving up Preston.  He loves to hold him.
 The kids!
 Walking up to Mt. Rushmore.

 President Preston.

 The jackolope at Wall Drug, a family photo tradition!
 Griffin, Chloe and Cooper had a blast at the splash pad at Wall Drug!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Boys!!

I have a ton of photos to post, but have been busy loving up the boys!  I look forward to adding more pictures of our trip to Fort Collins and the trip home, but I couldn't resist posting these first.

Watching Preston....
 Still watching Preston!
 Watching Preston some more!
 Feeding time!  Griffin is so gentle with Preston, it's so sweet.
 Prepping Preston's bottle.
 Nap time!  (Check out that big yawn!) Griffin is so proud.  :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chris & Annie Tie the Knot

Before the ceremony we thought we'd try to take a family fitting that we all had a hard time looking at the camera!

Getting Griffin ready for his big job as ring bearer!  Chris and Annie gave him an awesome Ring Bearer badge, he thought that was pretty cool.

Griffin did an awesome job!

 Me with the happy couple!

 My mom and Chris.

 Nonna and Preston!

Heading to Colorado

Thanks to some wonderful, amazing, supportive and thoughtful friends, we made it to Chris's wedding with hours to spare!  Jenny and Cory rented a RV and made sure we got to Fort Collins in time!  Griffin loved spending time with Chloe and Cooper and ALL of the kids loved baby Preston.

Introducing Preston James!!

Words cannot express how thankful we are for Preston James...truly a miracle for our family.  We are also incredibly thankful for Preston's family, that have "adopted" us.  

Nervous in the waiting room...
 Love at first sight....

 Look at how happy and proud Griffin is!  This melts my heart.
 Kisses for baby Preston.
Griffin couldn't wait to help feed Preston a bottle.  He told us he knew he was hungry because he understands baby Preston.  :)
 We've waiting years to have a photo like this....FOUR of us!
 First bath!
The nurse was wonderful and had Griffin help.  She was so encouraging and told Griffin that he knew exactly how to make baby Preston feel comfortable.  He was so proud.
 Reading his new book, a very special gift.
 Love those cheeks and lips!  OK, love everything!

Many, many more photos to come!