Monday, February 21, 2011

At the Pool

Running to get back in the pool to meet up with Nonna and the noodle!

We love the awesome pool at the clubhouse! Griffin had a great time swimming with the

noodle. He even managed to swim with it without Nonna holding on for quite a while! He loved swimming to the 3.5 foot mark, then getting out running to the steps to get back in to meet Nonna. Later graduated to the 4 foot mark. He obvioulsy got lots of exercise...he was so worn out he finally asked to go back home! Afterwards we went alligator hunting on the golf cart--we didn't see any, but heard some were spotted recently!

Riding the Mini Bike with Poppa

Poppa bought a Mini Bike that needed LOTS of work! Over Christmas break he and Chris finished working on it and Griffin got to enjoy a ride this week. He was nervous it was going to go too fast at first, but Poppa promised to drive slow...and Griffin loved it!!

P.S. Poppa has a lot of "toys" in his garage!
P.P.S. Like the outfit, Anita? :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day in Tarpon Springs

Griffin getting eaten by a shark....

The sponge diver and his blackberry!

We had a great time listening to live music, strolling through the stands and enjoyoing good food at the farmer's market! Afterwards, we went to the sponge docks and went on a tour of how they harvested sponges in "the good old days". The diver wore the authentic diving attire, which included 172 pounds of gear!

The Life

Here is G enjoying hot chocolate, a box of cereal all to himself and is good for this little guy! (SPOILED!)

Fun Day Staying Close to Home

We had a fun time at a local park--Griffin met some other kids to play with and enjoyed playing soccer with Nonna. When we got home, we went lizard hunting!


Griffin fell asleep playing the day we got back from Orlando! He NEVER does that! I guess all that fun did him in!

The Beach!

We love the beach closest to my parent's house!

The Hotel

We had a ton of fun swimming in the kiddie pool, driving boats and monster trucks and feeding the fish at the hotel in Orlando.

Drumroll please.....WE WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!

We had a great day at Disney World! We caught lots of outdoor shows and four parades!
There is just something about Disney that makes you want to dance!

All decked out in Mickey Mouse gear!
Goofy going after G to tickle him...Griffin was laughing his head off!
Goofy patting Goofy on the head.
Going on the Indy racing cars with Poppa.
He loved the teacups!
Waving to the characters as they strolled by during the parades.
Ahhh...the MAgic Kingdom!

And, yes, we want to go back! What an awesome gift....thank you!!!!

Valentine's Day Gifts

Our little guy got spoiled with Valentine's Day cards and gifts! This cracked me up...he got gift cards from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Kim and yelled "MONEY"! Then he took them right over to his cash register and started using them like play credit cards. He was even more excited when we told him he could actually redeem them for things! We used the DQ gift card to have a family dinner on Valentine's Day! Thank you!

And this is what Griffin did!

He decided he wanted to go to their house in his PJs and baseball hat...and had to bring along his balloon!

While we were in Redwood Falls, Griffin had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house. He played in the snow a ton and got a garbage truck by telling Grandma, "I've always wanted to be a garbage man." Huh!

Weekend Away

Jamie and I had a great weekend away in Redwood Falls the weekend before Valentine's Day. I didn't expect Redwood Falls to have so much to offer, but we had a blast! We stayed at an awesome B&B--it was decorated so well and was cozy. It was in an old building in downtown Redwood Falls. We had the whole place to ourselves! We headed down the street and ate at an awesome eclectic coffeehouse, then stopped by the winery for a wine tasting (plus some!). After the wine, we headed to a movie. How great that you can do all of that on one little street!