Saturday, July 31, 2010

Riding with Jim

Griffin was thrilled that he got to go for a ride on Jim's lawnmower!

Mr. Sassy

Oh dear, we have a 3 year old on our hands!

Pre-Bedtime Trouble

As we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that our hallway runner was messed up, after further investigation, this is what I found!

Typical Morning Off of Work`

We love this sight every morning that we are off of work and can let Griffin (and us!) sleep as long as he wants. I love it that he drags in all of his blankets and toys.

Ice Cream Place...In PJs

Apparently the Heater is Disgusting!

Pretend Camping Trip

Since we cancelled our annual Rauk-Thompson camping trip, we decided to improvise....a night on our pontoon, followed by a bonfire and tenting in our yard. It was a great new way to appreciate our lot!

Bring out the Canoe

Our canoe has been sitting quietly on the side of our lot since Griffin was born, anxiously awaiting for us to use it again. Well, the time came! When we were biking one day we noticed a small inlet to our lake and thought it would be fun to explore, so we dropped the little man off at Nonna and Poppa's and went on a fun evening cruise! It was gorgeous--it's hard to believe this was so close to our home and we've never explored it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 Generations

Our efforts to take a photo of the 4 generations....
Wants to snuggle with Great Grandma instead of taking a photo.
Mommy trying to convince Griffin to sit down.

Had to take a quick shot because he was jumping around.

Griffin is not quite looking at the camera, but it will work!

Hair Twins


Now Griffin can be just like his hero...his cousin Hunter!


What a mess!

Fun with Grandma Dz

My grandma came to stay at my parent's place for a week and a half and we had tons of fun! We went to a Stingers game, roasted our specialty--Nutter Butter S'mores, went to garage sales, watched the ski show, ate plenty of ice cream, went on the pontoon and, of course, played a lot! I'll miss her when she goes home!


Our neighbors have some awesome raspberry bushes, since they were out of town over the weekend they told us to pick them. LUCKY US! Corey and Griffin helped pick the berries. Griffin was excited to get his hands on my camera to snap a few shots.

Caught in the Act

This is the "oooops, she caught me" look that I get from Griffin when I spot him doing something he shouldn't be. Apparently he felt the need to put up our umbrella (that he likes to refer to as a "flag") and turn on the solar lights. Note to self: do not buy things with lights on them unless you want your toddler to play with them!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Parade in Spicer

Every year we head over to the Rauk's to sit on their lawn and watch the parade. This year my mom, dad and grandma joined us. Griffin had lots of fun soaking up the music, trucks and of course, THE CANDY!

July Fun