Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Close up with Trains

We've been spending lots of time watching trains on the "Train Bridge" and in the train yard. It's amazing how frequently they run. The first time we stopped to check them out, I was worried that we'd get "in trouble"--typical me. But, I think the "train guys" like onlookers. We typically get lots of waves and train whistles blowing! Here's some fun photos of our train watching adventures.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Kind of Sound of Music Dance


Griffin loves heading out to the farm for harvest. And, SO DO I!!! On the way to the combine Griffin told me, "I am going in the combine with Grandpa by myslef, and Grandma Kim is going to watch you and Daddy." Nice.

Post-Leaf Jumping Treat


Leaves are a big part of our life right now....there's the raking, jumping, crushing, crunching of them, and of course, we spend lots of time picking them up off our living room floor once we get inside. And, I love every minute of it--seeing fall through Griffin's eyes is the best!