Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas at Home!

When we got home we skyped with Nonna and Poppa--boy do we miss them!  Then we decided to push together our couches and all sleep in the living room by the tree.  The boys opened the gifts that we gave them, and the presents from Great Grandma, too.  Wow, did they get lots of nice gifts this year.  Everyone is so generous, and we are very thankful.  Now to enjoy a relaxing day at home together and play with all of these new toys and games!  Oh, and the boys gave us a Keurig (they are just so sneaky!) so we will be enjoying lots of coffee, too!  :)

Christmas in Monte!

Griffin couldn't wait to try out his new bike, so Jamie took him out for a spin.  He loved it!
 Grandma and Grandpa Jones and all of the grandkids!

Christmas Morning--Santa Visited!

Wow!  Santa surprised the boys with lots of goodies!  Griffin got just what he wanted--an orange bike with a kickstand.  Preston got a super fun ballapaloza!  Grandma Kim made Preston a special stocking that matches Griffin's (and is just like mine when I was a little girl!).  It took hours and hours to make, and we love it!

 Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk!  The reindeer nibbled on the carrots, too!

 Riding his new bike down the hallway at the farm.  :)

 Preston was taking a nap, then I heard him wake up and start giggling.  Then I found out why!

Christmas at the Farm

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve.  It started with candlelight service in Dawson, we go to the church we got married in, so it's extra special.  The pastor always has a fun story/activity planned for the kids.  But, my favorite part is when the lights dim and we light our candles and sing.  I was holding Preston and my candle singing Silent Night and tears fell down my face.  I am so thankful for him.  Jamie put his arm around me and we looked at Preston, who was fast asleep.  He started to stir and opened his eyes, so precious.  Rumor is this caused at least a few rows of people behind us to shed a few tears of joy, too!  :)

We went to the farm and dined on a delicious lasagna dinner followed by chocolate raspberry cheesecake...YUM!  Then it was time for presents.  After that, we got a surprise visit from Santa!  He had a gift for each child, took pictures with each one, then sang Christmas songs with everyone!  I was amazed that with his busy schedule he could stop by for so long!!

 We got our cookies, milk and carrots ready for Santa and his reindeer....

Opening Gifts from Great Grandma Dz!

Thank you Great Grandma!!  XOXO

Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Sent Videos!

Santa sent videos to Griffin and Preston!  Here's Griffin's reaction....

Little Chatterbox

Rocking Preston

Last night Griffin asked if he could rock Preston before he went to sleep.  We put them in the rocking chair and pretty soon I heard Griffin singing to sweet!  Soon after this one of the boys fell asleep--GRIFFIN!  :) 

Christmas at Church

We had our Christmas program at church on Sunday, it went great!!  It's always fun to watch the kiddos sing, and I'm lucky to get a front row seat since I'm one of the teachers.  It was quite the experience entertaining the kiddos between songs...especially when they had their sheep masks on!  Here is Griffin singing his heart out...

This brought tears to my eyes... because I was laughing so hard.  He was entertaining the kid next to him.  He did manage to sing a note or two in between silly faces.

Wow, sing it Griffin!

Griffin wanted to hold Preston's hand for the photo...Preston liked looking at Griffin more than the camera!
Hunter and Matt surprised Griffin and came to the program! Griffin asked if I knew they were coming and told me that it was the best surprise EVER!  All the family came to our house after for brunch--YUM!

Santa Baby

When Griffin had his 6 month photos taken it was right before Christmas, so we had some taken in a Santa hat...see below.  

I thought Preston needed some photos in a Santa hat, too!