Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New photos!

Thanks to our friend, Judd, for taking these!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trip to the Dentist

Griffin was SUCH a good boy at the dentist.  We read a book about the dentist quite a few times before going.  But, as we drove up, he said he was scared.  Once we got in to the room, he was just fine!  The dental hygienist was wonderful, she let him hold the tools and push the buttons for the chair.  :)
 What? A bib?  I'm 4!
 He thought the light was really cool.
 Look at those pearly whites!
 He left with a great report, lots of fun stuff to take care of his teeth and an appointment for a year from now!

We followed up his appointment with a date at Frieda's.  Yum.

We stopped in at work where he got loved up, then went shopping.  And, we ran into Grandma Kim and Great Grandma Storlien!  We even got to have lunch with them.  What a fun outing. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lovin' the Fair!

Oh how I absolutely love the fair.  So, I decided to surprise G on Wednesday with a trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together!  We started in the Kidway.
 As you can tell, he didn't have any fun.  None at all. 
 We watched a fun dance show....look at that serious face!
 We explored the alphabet and made a name necklace.
 We spelled FAIR!
 Then we went into the Little Farmhands exhibit.  Again, not much fun.
 He planted seeds, gathered eggs, picked apples and fed a cow.
 Then we watched an amazing trampoline show!  (And drank a huge icee!)
 Griffin taught me a few things about motors. 
 Then we rode the Sky Glider.  (Not to be confused with the Sky Ride, which we rode later.)
 Good, good food.  We watched some of the rides in the Adventure area. 
 Then we met lots of new brand new animals!
 Last stop, cotton candy!

Pet for a Day

The stray cat (see previous post) was our pet for a day.  She's a honey.  Griffin even went to Jim and Pat's to get some cat food.  Jamie thought that maybe we should have an outdoor cat living at our place.  Hmmmm....

Skiing with the Neighbors

We picked a night to ski with the neighbors...it was cool during the day, then about the time we wanted to ski, the weather took a turn for the good!  We headed out on the lake, stopped to get a skier in the water and heard crying!  Sure enough the neighborhood stray cat was in the boat!  We found her and brought her back to shore, then took turns skiing.  The lake was like glass....SO MUCH FUN!

Fun at the Water Park

A good friend and I planned to meet up at a park with the kiddos the other day.  We thought we'd play and picnic.  But, it was a sunny Wednesday and I couldn't bear the thought of not getting in the water!  So, we picnicked then went to the local pool/water park.  We had a great time despite the wind and I even ran into a friend from work!!  Here are some photos of the cuties....

 Quite the ensemble...she had to cover her ears because of the new tubes in her ears!
 Check out that jump!

 Worn out!

Griffin Doing Chores

We decided to add some new chores to Griffin's list of things to help with around the house.  He's the new compost-carrier-outer.  He does a fabulous job.  Well, except for the time that he accidentally threw the entire compost container in the bin.  And, then that other time that he was afraid he'd get run over by the lawn mower, so he dumped the compost bucket our near the compost container, but not IN it.  Fortunately, it was just watermelon rinds that time.  We watch the little guy accomplish this task and literally have tears running down our faces.  He cracks me up.