Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Griffin started t-ball this year and loved his first session. It was so well organized! There were 35 kids and 15 high school and college students running the program. They visited stations where they threw the ball, rolled the ball and hit the ball. Griffin had a great time! There will be three sessions of "drills" and three games--that will be cute! (Do you like the outfit, Anita? :) )

Monday, June 13, 2011

Como Zoo Birthday Fun!

We headed to the Como Zoo to celebrate Griffin, Chloe and Cooper's birthday. They had a blast! Cotton candy, animal watching, rides and splash pad! The moms were rewarded with chips, salsa and margaritas!

The Life!

Watching hay bailing from our front yard. What a happy boy!

Griffin is loving life....he got an awesome new 4-wheeler for his birthday that he loves to drive around. Isn't it cute!? He's already trying to do tricks!

A Few Updates...

We've been doing a few things to spruce up our home, here's one that we got lots of help with! My parents came over and surprised us with a few things, including a freshly painted red door! I love it! I'll post the shutters later!

Making Laundry Detergent

Here's my buddy helping me make laundry detergent! Yep, teaching green!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Celebrating on Day 2!

Dining with Grandma Kim!
Hamming it up with the boys at the farm!
Going on a ride with mom and dad.

Awesome Backyardigans cake--he was so excited!

Celebrating, Day 2!

Pizza at the park thanks to Grandma and Grandpa!
With Addy!

Grandma, Great Aunt Janelle and the cute kiddos!

More Celebrating!

He gave Poppa nice hugs (after going on the slip and slide).
Loved his nerf gun so much it traveled with him on the way to daycare and he brought it to Nonna and Poppa's to show them.

Got to blow out candles. His wish? For another nerf gun. We told him to wish again since he already had one. He wished that Nonna and Poppa wouldn't go back to Florida. Did I mention that he's the sweetest?

And, look at what he got!!! I love the cute license plate!

Birthday Fun!

The day started with a bite of cake and opening his nerf gun! "It's what I always wanted!" Boy, was he happy!
And, he got presents from Uncle Chris!

"This is SO cool!"

Cooling off with the water ball we borrowed from Nonna and Poppa!

Then, on to the slip and slide at Nonna and Poppa's house!

More to come.....

Swim Lessons!

We signed Griffin up for private swim lessons at the Y. He did such a great job! He's not a fan of swimming on his back, but he stuck with it and did well. Here's a photo from his last night--he got to go down the waterslide with his new buddy (and swim teacher) Justin! Now he's ready for lots of lake swimming this summer!!

Talking to Uncle Chris on the Phone

How cute is this smile?

Memorial Day

We brought flowers out to the cemeteries on Memorial Day weekend. Griffin was so sweet, he noticed that his Great Grandma Jean had lots of flowers by her headstone, but other grandmas had none. He was really disappointed that we didn't have more flowers, so we decided that Grandma Jean would be glad to share hers. We told Griffin he could move them to another headstone, he found one (which I bet was a grandma!) and said, "Is this my grandma?" and we replied, "No." and He said, "Ok!" and put the flowers down. What a thoughtful boy.

We brought flowers to Griffin's Uncle Jordy's grave and Griffin pointed out that the photo was of Jordy right away. Then we played at the nearby park. We knew Jordy was looking own on us playing. I am sure he is proud of Griffin! Earlier in the day Hunter and Griffin were playing around the tree planted in Jordy's honor, they were trying to throw a ball up into its branches. I watched in wonder, thinking that in a way, they were playing with Jordy.

Giving Grandpa a Ride!

Griffin and Hunter had fun giving Grandpa a ride on his old tractor!


And so begins fishing season! Jamie took Spencer and Griffin out fishing a few weekends ago, the boys had a blast!