Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun Weekend with the Cousins!!

We had a great weekend with Jesi, Nate and the kiddos.  We bowled and ate pizza, then Hunter and Matt came to our house to stay overnight.

 How sweet is this!?!?!
 Preston got a little tired after all of that bowling...
 Kisses goodbye since the big boys were going out to explore the islands on the lake.
 All ready!

 Off to explore!

They were in need of some hot chocolate when they got in!
 The boys adore Preston just like Griffin does!

Building a fort! Matt thought it was crazy that the tree fell over until we explained that it was our Christmas tree!  We always save it for a nice summer bonfire!
 The boys wanted some basketball lessons, they caught on fast!
On Sunday, Nate came and they all went ice fishing.  We miss the boys already!

Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day!  Jamie was out of town for a work conference, so we had dinner with some good friends.  We sat right by the awesome fish tank at the restaurant, all three kiddos loved that!  When we got home we opened gifts and got Jamie's present ready.  Griffin was super excited that he got the game Sorry!  

 Swedish fish and gummy worms get this type of reaction!  :)
 Preston LOVED the tissue paper!!

 Griffin is sorting all of the Valentine's treats that Preston got at daycare.
Trying out one of his new gifts--a cool new teether.  No teeth yet, but he's been chewing on everything lately, so we think they may be coming soon.
Jamie's Valentine's Day card.  Griffin pointed out that he needs to work on the letter S.  I think he did a good job!!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

We had fun making and decorating Valentine's Day cupcakes.  I remember making cupcakes with Griffin when he was a little he can practically make them all by himself!  Dad had a cupcake and glass of milk delivered....yum!

Snowmobile Fun!

Jamie got a new-to-him snowmobile...he and Griffin are having lots us fun driving it around the neighborhood and on the lake!

Crazy About Socks

When I was doing laundry the other day, Preston kept trying to reach for the laundry basket.  I tipped it over for him and he was giggling like crazy pulling out all of the socks.  Now if I can just teach him how to sort them....

Mining for Gold

The other day I found this in our freezer:

I asked Jamie if he knew what it was all about, and he told me it was Griffin's gold.  See him mining for gold on our front porch:  
 I love his creative mind!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Preston's 6 Month Photos!

 He makes my heart melt!!!

We also snuck in a few family photos....

And, some of Griffin....

And the buddies together....

I bought this diaper when we started the adoption process.  It's so fun to see him in it!  He's holding the book that inspired the diaper!

Awwwww......Preston gets lots and lots of kisses every day!

 One of our friends made the awesome metal art for Preston, Griffin has one, too!

His Aunt Jesi made these cool blocks for him....

 The photos wore him out!