Monday, August 10, 2009

Griffin Tubing

His favorite part was seeing the motor!

Madi tubing!


Driving the 4 Wheeler at the Schlegel's

Fun at the Schlegel's!

Awesome HUGE bonfire!
Tanner snuggling with Mommy.

Griffin driving the 4 wheeler for the first time.

Griffin's first Nutter Butter s'more.

Throwing "Biggies"--Big Rocks

Griffin loved throwing "biggies" into the river!

Camping with the Rauks

Griffin's first root beer--good 1919 Root Beer during our Schell's Brewery tour in New Ulm. Throwing rocks (a.k.a. biggies) into the river at his PJs!
A nice morning hike.
Pool toys ready, watching the trucks across the street from our campground--the kids were loving it!