Sunday, June 10, 2012

Griffin's 5 Year Pictures

Mandi once again captured our little guy's personality with her photography skills!

Enjoying the Lake

It's been fun to hang out at Nonna and Poppa's cabin and play in the lake.  Griffin has been enjoying snorkeling and even tried out the paddle board the other day!

One of His Favorite Days of Summer

Hay bailing....

I'm Impressed

I'm nearly 36 and have yet to take a fish of the hook, here's our little man taking off a sunny, no problem.

Water Balloon Fight!

Uncle Kevin and Auntie Julie gave Griffin some water balloons for his birthday, he couldn't wait to use them!  We had a fun water balloon fight with the neighbor kids.  I got drenched!!

 Nice look on my face, huh?  Look at how drenched I was!!
 I am sure Jamie will see this and think, "She throws like a girl!" :)

Lucky Boy

My mom, Griffin and I ventured off to the cities on a recent Wednesday to look at bridesmaid dresses for Chris and Annie's wedding.  After we found a dress, out plan was to shop, then have Griffin's 5 year old photos taken by my good friend, Mandi.  When we pulled up to David's Bridal, we quickly noticed that Chuck E. Cheese was right next door!  So, our little guy was extra good at the bridal shop so that he could be rewarded with lots of fun games and yummy pizza next door.  Boy, did he have fun!

Griffin's "Real" Birthday

As most of you know, Griffin sleeps "late" just like we like to on the weekends.  So, I was a bit shocked when he woke up at 6:30 a.m. on his birthday.  He woke me up and asked if we could go to Nonna and Poppa's and fly his new remote control helicopter.  I told him that it was too early to be up and that Nonna and Poppa were still sleeping.  He told he that he was still tired, so maybe he'd rest.  At 8:15 a.m. he was up again and brought me my cell phone to call Nonna and Poppa to see if they were awake.  I told him that I thought we shoudl go out to the pancake place for breakfast for his birthday.  He insisted that since he was the birthday boy he got to pick what he wanted to do all day long (I told him this leading up to his birthday) and he wanted to go to Nonna and Poppa's and wanted Nonna to make him pancakes and sausage.  So, I called.  Sure enough, Nonna and Poppa were up for the idea!  So, at 9:30 we rolled on over to their home, and didn't leave until 9:30 at night!!  Here's some snapshots of Griffin's great birthday!  He had a blast in the lake, on the slip and slide, flying his helicopter and swimming.

We love where we live....

look at all of this fun to be had, just a short trek down the street.  I love how he's wearing his polo shirt from Church under his t-shirt (I mentioned that maybe he should take it off, but he thought it was just fine!) and has a popsicle in hand.  So carefree.  It's these moments in life that make me happiest.

Poppa's Birthday Celebration

Griffin carefully loaded up Poppa's pineapple upside down cake with candles....

Nonna and Poppa's Surprise

When Nonna and Poppa come back home from Florida, they like to surprise Griffin.  Last year we went out to dinner and SURPRISE! they were at the table next to us.  This year I picked Griffin up from daycare and told him he was getting a surprise that night.  He was so excited!  I told him we had to look for clues, so we went upstairs.  Pretty soon we heard a noise...something singing "Who Let the Dogs Out"!  (He loves that song!)  He looked over the balcony to see a toy dog...he was thrilled and thought that was his surprise.  He bolted downstairs and Nonna and Poppa came out singing, too!  He was STUNNED!  And, kinda confused!  We found out later he was confused because Nonna's hair was different so he was wondering what lady was with Poppa!  :)

Wait....I hear a clue!
 What a surprise!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Griffin Turns 5!

Here are a few snapshots of Griffin's 5th birthday was lots of fun!  Our backyard was full of family and friends and we couldn't have asked for a better day for it!

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, Griffin was nowhere to be found!  He was sitting in the front yard watching Charlie turn the hay!  He was a bit disappointed he had to miss out on it.  What a boy!
 He was a little shy when everyone was singing to him!

We had a fun post party bash, too!  Some friends stayed and we went on a cruise, for a swim and headed over to our favorite lakeside pub (my parent's home)!