Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Easter

We had the most perfect spring day today! The service at Grace (where we got married) was awesome! Terrific music and a great children's and adult sermon. After a yummy brunch the kiddos had a fun egg hunt thanks to Aunt Jill. After the farm we went to Monte. We headed over to the park across the street and had a great time flying kites!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making the Most of a the Snow

Nice rain boots, huh?

Birthday Celebration!

We had a double birthday celebration on Saturday night with Erin and Lauren. Aren't they adorable!? We had a great dinner (Erin and Lauren's favorite foods) then went to the circus. It's so fun to see Griffin with his buddies. He loves doing whatever "Lando" does and loves to play with the girls, too.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paisley is 2!!

Yep, she's totally adorable!


We got to see Griffin's cousin, Geordan, in the play Annie last weekend. She did an AWESOME job! Look at what a cute Annie she made (so did her dad and brother, ha, ha)! Griffin was a bit confused...he was trying to figure out if she was really Geordan or Annie!

Fun with Chloe and Cooper

We love watching Chloe and's so fun to see Griffin with his friends! Cooper is at such a fun age, it's so fun to see what he has to say. The kiddos had lots of fun making cupcakes....and eating them.

Adoption Garage Sale

These two lovely ladies are AMAZING! They've been helping me (we are talking hours and hours of help) prepare for our adoption garage sale next week. I'm really fortunate to have them, or I'd be pulling LOTS AND LOTS of all nighters!! Can you tell who is hiding behind that sleeper??

Worm Hunt

Yep, it's official...Jamie has a co-worm hunter! Watch out fish, these two boys will be out on the water soon!

Close Up

This is how we found Griffin brushing his teeth the other night! He claimed he needed to get closer to the mirror so that he could see his teeth better. I guess we'll be monitoring tooth brushing time a bit better now!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Singing at Church

Here's the little man singing at the top of his lungs (ok, maybe not, but at least he got up there and made an effort)! Grandma and Grandpa Jones came to watch Griffin sing and came over for a nice brunch after church.

Singing at Church

Griffin was excited to sing "where the Pastors stand" last Sunday. He got a bit distracted and didn't seem to know all of the words...but boy, did he smile!

Helping Daddy Shovel

Griffin was so excited to help Jamie shovel the other day. He was in charge of the sidewalk. Jamie can't wait until he can "upgrade" to the entire driveway!

Bowling Night with the Cousins