Saturday, June 1, 2013

Phone Favorites

I finally figured out how to upload photos and video from my phone, which is a good thing since it's FULL!!  Here are a few of my favorite photos that I took on my phone over the last couple months.

 The first time Griffin tied a shoe!  (My shoe, his foot.)

 He was so excited to see the snow pile at the library!

 Watching big brother on the swing set.

All smiles on a walk.
 Superhero buddies.

Griffin's 6th Birthday Party!

Griffin had a super fun Scooby Doo birthday party today!  Here are some fun snapshots of the day....
Griffin helped us get set up--he thought he should carry the kid table downstairs.  :)

The Scooby Doo treat bags that Griffin helped me make.  


Nonna made these awesome and delicious Scooby Snack cupcakes.  So cute!

Preston sported his Scooby Doo Mud Butt diaper, along with a Scooby Doo shirt.  The only baby size Scooby Doo shirt I could find was a sleeveless PJ shirt, so he showed off his muscles!
 All of the kiddos!  It was so fun seeing them all play together.
 Two happy brothers.
 Silly faces!  Even Preston stuck out his tongue!!

On to the games!  The monster pinata was lots of fun!

Making "dog collars".

Preston was wondering why we had so many kids at our house!

Pin the dog tag on Scooby Doo!

Time to sing to the birthday boy! I cut the ice cream into dog bone shapes with a cookie cutter.  A little messy, but cute.

Preston got tired, so Grandma fed him and rocked him to sleep.


Presents!  SO MANY PRESENTS!  What a blessed little boy!

Another Fun Wednesday

It was gorgeous on Wednesday morning, so we decided to head to the trail.  Griffin's bike was in need of repair (Fortunately we discovered that Santa had a deal with Wal-Mart....if you get a bike from Santa for Christmas and something goes wrong with it, Wal-Mart will fix it.  :) ), so he rode the John Deere bike that his buddy Hunter fixed up for him.  We had fun exploring along the way.  

 When we got home we spotted some really dark, strange clouds!
 We worked on some party preparations (these are the "pin the dog tag on Scooby Doo" tags we made).
 Then the boys decided to take cover under the table since it was raining really hard.
 Preston thought this was pretty funny!  He makes this face when he is giggly.
 The dog tags are done!
Fortunately, the storm passed quickly so we could head to swim lessons.  Griffin has been doing an awesome job swimming on his own!!