Friday, November 23, 2012

Great Weekend at the Water Park!!!

We had an awesome weekend at the water park with Jen, Cory, Chloe and Cooper!  We took the RV to the hotel, it was so nice to ride together.  We all had a blast!  

 Look at how big Preston is getting!!
 The kids thought the bunk bed was awesome!  We had adjoining rooms--it was great!

 Preston was babbling away in the pool!

 We ordered in dinner....YUM!
 Griffin was loving the water slide!  Jamie and I got our workouts in hiking up the steps!

 The lazy river was a favorite!

 Preston once again fell asleep while Chloe was holding him....he loves her!

Doctor Visit

Griffin's annual physicals always remind me of what a big boy he has become.  It's fun to watch him check out all of the "cool" things that they have in the doctor's office and listen to him respond to questions, and ask some of his own.  Here he is during his eye exam.  The nurse told him he would have to read some things for him and he responded in a surprised tone, "But I can't read yet!"  Then she told him it was just letters, he told her he knew all of those.  :)

Visiting Great Grandma

Great grandma is always so happy to see the boys.  During our last visit Preston was smiling at her non-stop and cooing.  Wow, did that make her happy!!  

Nonna and Poppa

We took this photo on one of their last days in MN in 2012.  We miss them already and are counting down the days until spring when the come back!!

Swimming Fun!

We had a great get together with Amy, Aaron and their kiddos!  We met up at a hotel and the kids had a blast swimming!  

Showing Preston the Trains

Griffin has always loved watching the trains from the walking bridge and going to the Historical Society to play on the train.  He was excited to show the trains to Preston!  (Preston slept through most of the walking bridge, but we are certain when he gets a little older he will think the trains are as cool as Griffin does!)

Griffin met a little friend on the bridge, his Grandpa brought him to watch the trains, too!  He is going to be a big brother soon and was so excited to meet baby Preston!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh Hunting We Will Go!

We went to the farm for opening deer hunting, it was an extra fun trip because Jenny, Cory, Chloe and Cooper came with us... and we even rode in the RV!

Check out Preston, he was ready to go in his hunting hat!

 Preston fell asleep while Chloe was holding him.  He loves her!!  Chloe decided to pretend she was sleeping, too.
 The boys planning their morning route.
 Griffin got to sleep in a very special sleeping bag. Uncle Jordy's from when he was a kid.

 Bella playing with her baby cousin.
 Are you seeing a theme here?  Chloe adores Preston and Preston adores Chloe!
 Uncle Corey and his two little buddies!


My dad is an engineer.  Can you tell?  He masterminds the best Halloween costumes.  Griffin wanted to be an inboard motor (I have no idea how he comes up with these ideas!), so Griffin was an inboard motor with a boat around him, and of course, his buddy was the tuber.  They got all sorts of attention at the church Trunk-or-Treat, one of the girls in the youth group even asked to try Griffin's costume on!

 Our little tuber fell asleep by house #3, so Jamie had to fill in.

Visiting Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Julie