Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Head Lamp

Griffin loves exploring our home with a head lamp on. What can I say, he's a little goofy, kinda like his parents!


I Do!

We love how Griffin says "I do". So, we prompt him to say it as often as he will let us!!

Going for a ride

Griffin loves to turn one of the tables in our "man room" upside down and use it to go for a ride around the room....with a little help!

Fresh Coat of Paint

We had our master bathroom and bedroom repainted....we love how calming the colors are. Now for a little decorating and we'll be all set to relax! The light color in the bedroom is a light brown, it looks a little purple in the photo, so I guess you will just have to see it in person. :)

Valentine's Day

Griffin got to spend the afternoon with his second cousin, Landon. They had fun playing and attempting to share toys!

Spaghetti Gone Bad

While having a family dinner last week, Jamie and I were chatting and heard Griffin say, "hat"! Sure enough, he had a "hat" of spaghetti on his head. We had spaghetti all over and turned the mess into some clean up fun. Griffin had a blast washing dishes with us...after a few minutes, he was so into it he didn't say a word. We are looking forward to the day that he can do the dishes unsupervised!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snowmobiling with the Schlegels

Tanner and Madi

Madi and Tanner pulling Griffin in his sled.

Griffin and mom in the sleigh....we got pulled around the lake by a snowmobile! Griffin kept saying "wow!", then was eventually lulled to sleep.

Having fun with Brady!

Last week we went to St. Cloud to visit Christine and Brady. We had a great dinner and the boys had fun playing. Christine quickly learned what she will need to "toddler proof" in her house! We are looking forward to another play date soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

He didn't stand a chance!

We made a snowman in the front yard....

We thought we'd take a picture of Griffin next to his new friend, but pushing the snowman over was a bit too tempting for Griffin! Jamie tried to "save" the snowman... But there was no hope! Thanks, Nonna and Poppa, for the fun snowman kit! Hopefully the next one will survive longer!

Sledding on the Lake

We took Griffin out on the lake on Saturday--it was a beautiful day! Griffin enjoyed riding in his sled while Jamie and I got a great workout on our snowshoes.