Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Birthdays!

Marcia and Bob enjoying a pontoon ride with us for Marcia's birthday!

Corey and Marcia--we celebrated their birthdays together.

Fun at the Cabin for Grandpa Mike's Birthday

Look at G-man jump off the dock!!
 Pais very proud of her fish!  Look at that pose!
 The great hideout!
 Me loving time with Bella!
Where is Grandpa Mike?  Not in any of my photos from the day.  How did he escape my camera??

Birthday on the Lake!

We celebrated our friend Barb's birthday with a great family lake day!  Here's the cake I made--she loves M&Ms, and luck me, so do I!!

 We tok our giant slide out to the island where we like to swim--the kids LOVED it!
 Then we put it on the front on the boat.  The adults loved it, too!
 Barb, me, and our 4 year olds.

 We used the fun ball!  Below is a photo of Barb in it!!
 Then we went tubing!
 Not done yet!  All the adults went skiing. 
 And, now time for cake!  We finally got off the water after 8, so we had a LATE dinner! 
What a great day!!  :)

His and Hers Fish

The other night the three of us went fishing. I caught the first fish!! (Check out the look of distress on my was flapping like crazy!)

But, Jamie beat me out!

Look at the smile on his face!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Anniversary Trip

We decided to splurge this year and go on a mini anniversary trip. I am SO glad we did! It's hard to make a decision like that when we are trying to save for our adoption, but we know focusing on our marriage is important, too.  We had a great time--although we were only gone 2 nights, we were so relaxed it seemed like much longer--as a good vacation should!!

Dipping our feet in Red Wing....

About to head out for dinner (this photo was taken at The St. James Hotel) 

Enjoying some great beverages and lunch at Nelson Creameries.  YUM! 

Great lunch at Nelson Creameries!

A nice scenic overlook in Wisconsin called Buena Vista Park.

Our anniversary dinner was at A to Z Pizza Farm.  Fun and delicious!  Every Tuesday this farm serves fresh wood fire pizzas.  You get a pizza and need to bring everything else yourself!

My side had roasted beets, onions and goat cheese.  YUM.  Like our fancy plates and wine glasses?

Our dinner dates.  A group next to us had an accordion and were playing awesome modern music--it was so fun!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Griffin had a great time playing with Uncle last week.  The other day he asked if he could play with Uncle again.  We had to remind him that CO is very far away.  He didn't think that was so great.  :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First T-Ball Game

We had a great time watching Griffin's first t-ball game.  He did a great job hitting the ball.  He did a great job fielding the ball.  He did a great job throwing the ball.  And, he did a great job entertaining us:

Monday, July 4, 2011


My parents have a hummingbird nest in their huge, beautiful oak tree.  It's hard to spot since it's so tiny and  blends in so well with the tree.  We assumed there were eggs in there since the mom was sitting on the nest so much, but it turns out that there are tiny babies in it!  It will be fun to watch them leave the nest when they are ready!

Fireworks fun!

Aunt Deb came to visit and brought a ton of fireworks!  It was so much fun to watch Griffin's excitement as they went off!  He loved the sparklers and the fountain fireworks that made lots of noise!

Tubing Fun

We had a good time tubing on Saturday night!  The weather was perfect! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Minnesota Zoo!

My mom, Griffin and I had a GREAT weekend last weekend!  After running the Foot Lake 4, my parents met me with Griffin to walk in the Willmar Fests parade with CDS.  After that, my mom and I took Griffin to my cousin's graduation party--we had such a good visit with them.  We stayed in a hotel that night, then headed to the MN Zoo (thanks, Anita!) on Sunday.  We had a blast seeing the animals, watching the coral reef feeding and the dolphin show, riding the monorail and playing in the splash pad.  The weather was fabulous (and wasn't in Spicer), so we really lucked out!!