Monday, July 29, 2013

Preston's 1st Birthday Party!

We had a great time prepping for and celebrating Preston's birthday.  He was well celebrated by many and on several different occasions...what a special boy!

Here are some photos from his birthday party at our home with family and friends.

Check out this darling party invite that my friend made!!  The theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. 

Griffin had fun writing a message to Preston on the front windows.

 Here we are right before the guests arrived!
Check out the cute cake for Preston!! A co-workers husband made it, along with the big cake for the guests.  It had a yummy whipped filling with peanut butter cups in it--YUM!
 How cute!!
Preston was happy to show off his brand new skills!  Just the day before he started walking behind this little scooter.  He hasn't attempted to walk yet, but it might be soon!  :/
 Brother love!!
 Family!  {LOVE!}
It was Chris and Annie's 1 year anniversary!  They were awesome at the party--helping with all sorts of things!
 Kristy and the birthday boy!
 Preston was waving at Great Grandpa as he walked by.  :)
 FOOD!  Thanks to my great mother-in-laws for bringing some great food along!
 The birthday boy and his cake!  He wanted to attack it right away!

 Time for cake!  He was all smiled when everyone sang to him!

 We all helped Preston blow out his candle.
 A little messy, but very happy!
 Giggling at the funny singing card that Auntie Jesi, Uncle Nate, Hunter, Matt, Paisley and Bella gave him.
 What an awesome Batmobile from Grandpa and Grandma!
 What a cute shirt from Jen, Cory, Chloe and Cooper!
 Hanging out with Grandma Jones.

 Snuggling with his Godmother, Auntie Jesi.
Auntie Annie helping Bella with crafts.
 Uncle Chris putting together some of Preston's new toys!

 Grandpa and Grandma Jones.
 A heart to heart with Nonna.
 Wow!!  What a fun new toy!
 Griffin decided to devour the rest of the jell-o jigglers!  :)
What a fun party for a very, very loved little boy!!

Preston's 1st Birthday!!

When Griffin woke up on Preston's birthday the first thing he said was, "It's Buddy's birthday!"  I don't know where he got the idea, but he decided to make him fresh squeezed orange juice!  :)  Buddy wasn't quite sure what to think of it!

 Then we went to Nonna and Poppa's to celebrate!  The weather wasn't cooperating, so we stayed inside and ready books and played.
 It was great because Uncle Chris and Auntie Annie are visiting from Colorado!

 Preston LOVED Nonna's lasagna!

 Excited for the cake!!

 Nonna let Griffin frost it and decorate it.  Wow.

 Present time!!
 When we got home we snuggled on the rocking chair and giggled like crazy!

 Griffin crawled in bed with Preston and fell asleep!!  We finally carried him to his room.  :)
Happy 1st birthday to our sweet blessing!!