Thursday, September 27, 2012


We love going out to the farm to watch the harvest.  This year my parents came with, it was so fun for them to see Mike, Kim and Nate in action!  

 Auntie Jesi and Bella stopped by for a visit!
 Preston's first time on a tractor.  Yes, that's a corn cob hat.  :)
 Nate and Paisley working hard!

 I love Paisley's farming attire!  She's so cute!

Date with Daddy

Preston and I had plans, so Jamie and Griffin went to the local amusement park and had some fun!

Rock N Roll Baby!

Preston rockin' out to his mobile!  I love this shirt!

Safety Day

I met Barb and the kids at Home Depot's safety days....we had a blast!  Griffin sat in a Sheriff boat, fire truck, loader and got to climb through a "smoke trailer" that helps teach kids what to do in case of a fire.  When we left I told Griffin we were having a Mommy/Griffin date and that Daddy and Preston were going to have some time together.  Griffin was disappointed, he wanted to bring Preston with!  When we got home he ran up to him right away to give him kisses.  I love that!

Coffee Date with Grandma Jones

And they all wore orange!

Matching Buddies

We had some friends over for dinner the other night and their little guy showed up sporting the same outfit as Preston!

Breakfast on the Dock

Griffin and I made muffins the other day and decided to have breakfast on the dock.  Yes, he did go swimming!  

Ready for Football!

I love, love, love this photo.

Preston, Friends and Big Brother

Griffin wanted to make sure that Preston didn't get lonely, he thought the stuffed animals might help.  :)  Griffin is a super big brother!!  He always makes sure that when we read books that Preston can see the pictures, too.  He is always making sure he is safe and says things to us like, "Mom, you shouldn't walk on cement when you are carrying him, maybe you should use the baby seat!"  The first thing Griffin does when he wakes up is looks for Preston and asks if he's awake yet.  If we have to wake up Griffin in the morning, he wants us to bring Preston in with us.  Preston gets so excited when he hears Griffin's voice, it's so fun to see him light up!  The other day Preston was on my lap and Griffin was playing on the floor.  Every time that Griffin talked, Preston would start kicking and cooing.  It was adorable!!

Hanging out at the Cabin

We always head to the cabin for Labor Day weekend, this year we had a wedding on Saturday, so we had a short trip to the lake, but a fun one!

Here's a photo from the wedding, it was fun to catch up with some of my grade school/high school friends!
 Playing football at the lake!

 Everything about this photo cracks me up!!

 I love that smile!
 Uncle Corey & Preston.
 Look at those cute cheeks!
 So sweet!
 Jamie and Bella.

 A S'more birthday treat for Grandma Kim!

One Month Old!

I printed these fun signs to use when taking a photo of Preston each month...I'm a bit behind with posting, but here is Preston's one month photo!  

Kickball in honor of Jordy

Every year Jordy's friends (and family) have a get together in his honor.  It started with the races, then a gold tourney and now it's a family potluck/kickball tourney.  We had a great time!  Everyone loved meeting Preston.  :)

Here's grandma, grandpa, Matt and Preston.
 Paisley adores her baby cousin!
 So does Auntie Jesi!

 Jamie and Bella.  Love.