Sunday, October 23, 2011

Water fun!

We met our good friends at a Y in the cities with a fun water park area--how awesome!  Griffin and Jamie had a blast in the water with Molly, Justin, Q, A, M and X.  I just got to watch the fun...I had to head out early to attend Ann and Jordi's blessing--which was wonderful!  The gang met up with me at the reception.


My parent had a nice big apple harvest, so they loaded us up with apples.  I showed Griffin how to use the applepeelercorerslicer and he love it--he figured it out in one try!


One of the things that was asked during our home study is what Griffin's responsibilities are.  He gets himself dressed, brushes his teeth (once a day, we do it the other time---just in case he misses a spot!), takes out the compost and cleans up toys (not always as our living room floor can prove).  So, when I found this cool responsibilities chart, I knew it would be a good addition to his room.  We've used it for a week now, and it's been great.  He wants to help with things so he can put a magnet on the board, and now he's on top of things that we ask him to do!  I love Melissa & Doug!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Farming Fun

I love the farm!  I am completely fascinated by the entire process, amazing machinery and technology AND I love spending time with the family.  Jamie, Griffin and I spent most of Saturday in the field and in the semis hanging out with Mike and Kim (and Nate, Hunter and Matt for a bit).  It was a beautiful, fun day!

Homemade treats

Griffin saw an ice cube tray the other and he asked us if we knew that you could pour juice in them and freeze it--and make popcicles!  After pouring the juice, we started to cover it with foil so that the sticks would stay straight, but he told us we could just lay the sticks to the side.  And, sure enough, he was right!

Farm Fun

Jen and I took Griffin, Kendall and Cooper out to the farm last week.  The weather didn't cooperate, so we couldn't sit in the combine and show the kiddos how that worked, but they sure had a great time sitting on all of the machinery!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ann + Jordi

We had a blast at Ann & Jordi's wedding!  Because I'm tired and will be taking care of a few kiddos tomorrow, I'll keep this short and sweet and just add some photos!