Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun in the Mud!

This Wednesday Griffin and I picked up Cooper, ate breakfast at Frieda's, dropped off flowers and a coffee drink for Cooper's mom at work, then got to business making mud.  Four 2 gallon buckets of water later, the boys were happily splashing, digging and dumping.  Next stop?  The tub!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pet for a Night

We got to dogsit the other night!  Awww.....

Our First Bonfire of the Spring!

Wendy, James and Libby joined us for dinner and a bonfire...we had lots of fun!  Griffin and Libby were equally entertaining!

Nice Cold Dip in the Water!

Griffin thought that since the ice was starting to come of the lake today that we should go for a swim.  Jamie told me to get the camera because they were going to jump in.  I couldn't miss out of the fun.  Boy was it COLD!

Notice the ice in the top right corner of this photo:
 Look at the little guy holding his feet up!
Griffin wanted to float on the water on a tube, he rolled it down the stairs, so Jamie had to go get it!  Here's Griffin watching Jamie save the tube.
 Ha!  Look at the poor guy's face!
 I jumped in one more time to get a good shot of us with the ice.
 March 18: swim trunks, life jacket, popsicle.  What a riot!

Two Day Adventure

Mary was off for a few days, so Michelle and I decided to take the kiddos on a two day adventure.  It started with a picnic at a park, the plan was to play for a couple of hours, but the park was closed!  Griffin quickly discovered the water, which kept both the kiddos entertained for quite some time!
 Pretty Kendall!

 Then we went to the MOA to enjoy some frozen yogurt.  Kendall won the prize for most creative!
 On to the bumper cars....
 ...then the roller coaster....
 ...and the fun bus ride.....

 ...then the water park!  Here's Griffin waiting patiently for the park to reopen.
 Happy kiddos.
 Bedtime snack.
 Kendall teaching Griffin the ways of the iPad.
 Breakfast in bed....chocolate donuts.
 Griffin was SO EXCITED to meet Chuck E. Cheese!!
 Kendall was a big ticket winner!
 Cheezing it up with Chuck.
 Fun rides and games!

Monday, March 12, 2012


I taught Griffin the best way to devour a kiwi.  He was a quick study!

More Laundry, but Happy Boy

Yep, spring has unexpectedly sprung in Minnesota and our little guy was thrilled to be splashing in mud puddles, making "rivers" and racing toothpick boats!  We made it a family affair.  Griffin was the foreman.  What a surprise!