Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Easter

Griffin has been really excited about Easter this year, he remembers the Easter egg hunts in the past and couldn't wait to have one again this year.  Since we usually have them outside and the weather isn't quite springlike this year, he asked if it was OK if we had another Easter egg hunt when it's nicer outside.              I don't see why not!!  :)

I found this cute lunch idea and thought Griffin would think it was fun.  He sipped the milk, then ate the Peep first.  :)
Griffin LOVES to dye Easter eggs!  Every year we write on the eggs with crayon then dye them, my mom taught me that trick when I was a kid.  I love how the white shows up.
 Preston's egg.
 Family of eggs!  :)
 Preston was watching us and snacking.  Doesn't he look serious about his snacks!?

 Look at that cute messy face!
 Easter egg hunt time!  After he found all of the eggs, I hid them again.  I think he could do that all day!

Spring Fever!

Griffin wanted to go swimming so badly, so we made a deal.  He would learn how to tie his shoes, then we'd go.  And, he did it!  I was so proud of him--he worked through the frustration and did it!!  We got DQ for lunch and instead of going to the Y to swim this time, we went to the local hotel.  They offer day passes, so I thought we'd check it out.  It was perfect!  We had the pool all to ourselves for 3 hours....nice!  Griffin loved getting his snorkel gear out, Preston loved splashing around and watching Griffin and we enjoyed making up tons of games.  

 He couldn't wait to get in!
 Buddy watching his buddy.
 According to Griffin, "It was so beautiful under the water!"
 Nice goggles, huh?
 Preston got worn out, so took a snooze.  Aren't his feet so cute crossed like that??
 All of us!

Happy Birthday, Mary Kaye!

We had an awesome time celebrating Mary Kaye's birthday!  She does such nice things for all of us that it was nice to have a party in her honor.  The table turned out great thanks to Jean's fabulous decor and the china that my parents gave me when we got married (it was a gift they received when they got married, and was antique back then!).
Griffin helped with some pre-party preparations!  :)

 Jean's mom brought some hats for the tea party...what a riot!

Lovin' the Sink!

Preston LOVES splashing in the sink!  All the walls get washed down when he reminds us of his older brother!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jamie's birthday!!

We had a great day celebrating Jamie's birthday!  We started the day being lazy at home, had kick-butt workouts, then headed out to breakfast.  Later Corey and Kristy came out and we headed to Zorbaz, then Cory, Jen and the kids came over for a big crab feast!!

Corey and Kristy got to enjoy the nice weather and went snowshoeing and snowmobiling on the lake.

Making creme brulee!

 The crew before our big crab feast....SO MUCH FOOD!
The kiddos had a ball playing!

Bath Time


Griffin and I were snuggled up on the couch talking about our days....I'm amazed at how grown up he seems and what a great conversationalist he is.  Then, we drifted off to sleep....

 Another night, these two were snuggled up and look what happened!!


Can you tell that Griffin admires Preston?? :)


Griffin was running around with his cape on, then disappeared into his room. I heard some shuffling around up there, then he ran downstairs with a cape for Bud. He's always thinking of his little brother!