Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ring Bearer, Round 1!

Jamie's cousin (he's his Godchild as well) got married in June and our little Griffman was a ring bearer!  He did an awesome job!  He walked down the aisle (a little shy, but he did it!) and stood up front during the entire ceremony!  During the rehearsal, he yelled, "Hi Mom!", so we agreed that if he wanted to tell me that he was doing well up there, he could just give me the "thumbs up" sign.  He did that about 6 times during the wedding.  :)  Jamie sang a solo, he did a great job!  

They got married at the Red River Zoo--it was so cool, they had a carousel running all night!

The boys ready for handsome!

Grandmas and the flower girl and ring bearer.

This one cracks me up....

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