Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nonna and Poppa's Surprise

When Nonna and Poppa come back home from Florida, they like to surprise Griffin.  Last year we went out to dinner and SURPRISE! they were at the table next to us.  This year I picked Griffin up from daycare and told him he was getting a surprise that night.  He was so excited!  I told him we had to look for clues, so we went upstairs.  Pretty soon we heard a noise...something singing "Who Let the Dogs Out"!  (He loves that song!)  He looked over the balcony to see a toy dog...he was thrilled and thought that was his surprise.  He bolted downstairs and Nonna and Poppa came out singing, too!  He was STUNNED!  And, kinda confused!  We found out later he was confused because Nonna's hair was different so he was wondering what lady was with Poppa!  :)

Wait....I hear a clue!
 What a surprise!

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