Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I won!

Which, to me, means that I crossed the finish line!  In January I told myself that I would run the Green Lake Road Race in July, it's 12 miles around Green Lake.  At the time I could run 3-4 miles.  I trained and did it, crossed the finish line!  It was a HOT day, so I drenched myself with water at every water stop.  the hardest part was mile 8, there's a long hill there and I was getting tired, but I pushed through it an felt great.  I was happy to see a nice crew of friends and family cheering me on at the end--it was a very sweet surprise!  

Batter Up!

Happy Birthday!

I had an extra special birthday this year for many reasons!  A couple of my best friends helped me celebrate!  Jen, Cory, Barb, Jared, Kelly, Luther, Jamie and I headed out on the boat, swam, went tubing, and hung out at my parents was a blast!

 Griffin got in on the tubing fun, too!

Water Fight with Lacey

Lacey, our next door neighbor, was home from college and promised Griffin that one day she'd have a water fight with him.  And, she did!

Our Little Helper

Griffin loves to help....I think it's so cute when he drags the giant trash can up the looooooong driveway!

Willmar Fests

We had a fun morning during Willmar Fests!  We watched the Foot Lake 4 and cheered for our friends, as we were heading back to the van we saw Dr. Tony in a dunk tank!  We quickly handed over some cash to support the American Cancer Society in exchange for a few balls....Griffin dunked him 4 times!

Then we headed over to help set up for the parade.  We walked with CDS and handed out over 12,000 pieces of candy!


Two years ago Jamie headed off to Canada for a rustic fishing vacation, he was lucky enough to do that again this summer.  He went with my Uncle Jack and his buddy.  Clearly they had fun!

Bow and Arrow

Our little ring bearer got a great big reward for doing such a good job, a bow and arrow!  He was so excited he even brought the bow to breakfast with him (we thought it was best to leave the arrow in the room!  :) ). We headed over to Nonna and Poppa's when we got home so he could try it out!  (Their neighbors have a target that they said Griffin could use whenever he wanted!)

Ring Bearer, Round 1!

Jamie's cousin (he's his Godchild as well) got married in June and our little Griffman was a ring bearer!  He did an awesome job!  He walked down the aisle (a little shy, but he did it!) and stood up front during the entire ceremony!  During the rehearsal, he yelled, "Hi Mom!", so we agreed that if he wanted to tell me that he was doing well up there, he could just give me the "thumbs up" sign.  He did that about 6 times during the wedding.  :)  Jamie sang a solo, he did a great job!  

They got married at the Red River Zoo--it was so cool, they had a carousel running all night!

The boys ready for handsome!

Grandmas and the flower girl and ring bearer.

This one cracks me up....