Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the Kitchen


Harley Riding and Croquet on Easter

At Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house on Easter Griffin enjoyed sitting on his Uncle Kevin's Harley and attempting to play croquet.


Griffin is absolutely obsessed with water. The other day I was hand washing some items and he popped right up on his stool and got in!
I was trying to pay close attention to a friend on the phone so didn't want to yell "STOP!", so in he went.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our beautiful niece, Paisley, was born last weekend! She has the cutest cheeks, lots of dark hair and two very proud older brothers! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun in the Tub with Cousins

Fun at the Farm

We headed to the farm for Easter and Griffin had his first tractor ride. Grandpa let him steer nearly the whole time....mostly because Griffin said "all done" everytime Grandpa tried to put his hands on the wheel. I am sure the neighbors thought Mike was a bit loony driving all over the yard!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Talking to Daddy

When we got home and drove into the garage, Griffin yelled "Da-da"! I had to tell him, "Daddy went bye bye" (he was at the state AD conference) and of course, Griffin wanted to "see?" So, when Jamie called, Griffin was happy to chat with him on the phone.

Big Spoon

Griffin has been really into eating with a big spoon. He's so proud that he can eat like a big boy and it gives us a good laugh!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nonna & Poppa's Visit

Griffin had so much fun with Nonna and Poppa! He ate his first ice cream cone, gave Nonna lots of kisses and learned how to wear ear buds so he could listen to Poppa's shows and music. He especially liked it when Poppa flew the remote control helicopter.


When my parents were here Griffin randomly did a nearly perfect was crazy! We tried to recapture it and it didn't go as smoothly, but here it is....



Poppa, Nonna and Momma took Griffin to the circus! Poppa spent his life savings on toys for Griffin and loved bringing him to the circus, just like he did with me every year when I was a kid.


Jamie found a huge bubble wand at the store when my folks were here, so we've been blowing bubbles ever since! The best is blowing them from the second level to the first....I knew that balcony would be handy for something! Here G-man is trying to catch them.

A fun morning with Mom!

Griffin and I went to the park a couple of weeks ago and played our hearts out. We were the only ones there--it was fun to have it all to ourselves. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch at DQ and Griffin had his first dilly bar. He took bites all around the circle of the dilly bar, then said "all done"!

21 Months

Mandi and Spencer came out the other weekend and Mandi took some great photos of Griffin and the entire family!